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Those of you connected to my LinkedIn network would have seen a couple of posts recently of airport departure boards. I was curious to know on one level where people would have chosen as their destination and on another, I could see a potential link to service management principles. Yeah, I know, I need to get out more!

When I planned my journey from Birmingham airport to Malta, I was keen to try and make the trip in one flight. Linear delivery (see last month’s bulletin) you could say. Because of various time, budget and flight service availability constraints though, this wasn’t possible.

Next best thing was an iterative approach and break the task into separate pieces. So when I posted the first picture and asked the question ‘where should we go today?’. My first destination was on the board but not my final one.

I got some replies back suggesting places, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Channel Islands to name a few though none got mine which was Zurich.

We are all moving in our own directions, some can get there in one leap but if we can’t then we should consider breaking our service improvements down into smaller, easier to deliver chunks that move us towards our ultimate goal. We still need that holistic vision of our destination as it keeps us moving toward it step by step. Crucially it is movement toward our goal and not just looking at the whole journey and thinking it’s not possible.

If we don’t know where we are going then any plane will do, exciting as that may seem it may not be where we want to be.

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Russell Parker

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It’s everywhere you look

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