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Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected truths about fulfilment, love and success

About Steven Bartlett – He is the Co-founder of Social Chain, youngest ever Dragon on Dragon’s Den at just 28 and host of “The Diary Of A CEO” podcast.

In 2020 Steven Bartlett – inspiring entrepreneur and dragon took some time out to write this book to help dispel some of the myths around becoming a “happy sexy millionaire”.

I liked this book and so did most of the book club and I personally felt that every single person I know who is aged 16-30 should be made to read it. 😁

However, one surprising thing for me is when I came to discuss it at book club and indeed write this book report, I struggled to remember much of the content.

Now this is not because the content isn’t good but after discussing it with the group, I realised that it was because I agreed with so much of the book! I think Steven has brought a new fresh approach to some ideas that for most of us only appear to develop with age and life experience.

How great is it to be able to gift those ideas to the young, to allow them to learn the lessons ahead of time?

The overall concept of the book is the understanding that happiness is not having many things but appreciating all you have and a choice you get to make. Having reached high levels of success at a young age Steven realised that it hadn’t made him any happier than he was when he was living hand to mouth, or even stealing to stay alive.

But there is much more to it than that, and the majority of it is to help you understand one statement – You are enough – and you always were!

The book also covers the modern world that is full of distractions and ways to combat that. But also how society has sets of expectations of us and that in fact we can go our own way. Who says you have to get married and settle down? Who says you have to find “do what you love” to be happy at work?

Steven also gives some great tips and advice and ways to reframe your thinking to help you become more content in the world. From compound interest to motivation, he shares his thoughts on a number of key life and business topics.

As I said at the beginning, I would recommend this book to everyone aged 16-30 but to be honest anyone who is starting to think about the world and get an understanding of their place in it would benefit.

If you have room on your summer reading list then add this to it, it’s a relatively easy read and works well in chapters. And if you’re not sure then catch an episode of The Diary Of A CEO podcast and see what you think.

Get the book.

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Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected truths about fulfilment, love and success

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