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Have you got what it takes to be “Self-made”?

The blurb says “This authoritative, focused guide by two of the UK’s brightest young entrepreneurs – The Apprentice runner-up, Bianca Miller and serial entrepreneur, Byron Cole – is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone who wants to make a success of running their own business.”

We thought we would see how our group of self-made entrepreneurs and employed leaders would reflect on the book.

We all agreed that it was well written in a style that made it easy to read and to follow. And I think it is fair to say that the book is not designed to read as a book but to be used as a reference point for the various stages of the business life cycle.

For those already a significant way into their journey I think it is a good reminder of what is good practice especially from a marketing perspective.

The book is conveniently divided into four sections;

The Vision – really understanding the market you are entering and what it is you will be adding to that. How to create a strong brand that works well in that market place. This contains lots of tips on how to do things cheaply when you are starting out.

The Action – Advertising, marketing, networking and the power of social media. Where to go to get funding and the many ways you can sell to your clients.

The Reaction – This is very much about growth both of your business but also yourself. This offers advice on self-development and heavily advocates for the use of mentors – not necessarily a paid mentor or someone famous but someone you can talk things through with.

The Evolution – I liked this section as I work with or am connected to a lot of people for whom this section is relevant. This also covers asking yourself if the business is giving you what you wanted it to, the other people within the business and making sure you take time enjoy some of the good generated by the business. Then finally it deals with creating and exit plan, being prepared and understanding what your business is worth.

I personally felt that the first two sections had a great deal of content and practical tips but the two final sections could have had more depth and detail. It is also worth noting that the detailed help for social media may very quickly become outdated.

While I would say that it wasn’t enjoyed by everyone, we did all agree that it was a useful tool for people who are thinking about starting a business or at an early stage.

Or perhaps young people still at school who want to understand the world of business a little better.

Get the book on Amazon.

Originally posted 2022-11-15 12:50:59.

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Have you got what it takes to be “Self-made”?

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