What does a project manager do?

Over the years I’ve heard many views on what project managers do, some good, some not so good! Everyone has an opinion from it’s the simplest job in the world to one that carries much responsibility and is very complex. So, which is it?

On our project management courses we cover seven main areas which explain what project managers do. We mention that if you are looking for a project manager then these are the areas of experience to enquire about for prospective candidates. Also, if you’re looking for a role as a project manager then these areas are the ones to talk about your experience in during your interview.

One of recent course attendees did this in his job interview and got offered the job straight away!

Here they are, in case you are wondering, project managers do;

  • Organize project teams and identify people or groups of people that can affect or be affected by the project and decide on how best to engage and communicate with them.
  • Know the desirability, viability and achievability of what is being delivered to help identify if the project is a justifiable investment of resources.
  • Plan, what needs to done, when and by who.
  • Identify what needs to be done to ensure the project delivers something that is fit for purpose.
  • Manage both the unexpected events that occur and the events we identify as possible events that can cause both negative and positive impacts on the project.
  • Monitor the progress of the project and report its status to those stakeholders that have an interest in knowing this information.

Cover these areas and your projects will have a better chance of success, more details can be discovered on one of our courses or just get in touch

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Russell Parker

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What does a project manager do?

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