LinkedIn – are you missing out?

LinkedIn is a powerful sales tool. Since the pandemic, it has enjoyed a massive uplift in usage. More and more people were using the platform to sell their product and service. Some of this has been done in a consultative sell style, some of it, more frustratingly, has been with a harder sell approach.  There’s no doubt about it, LinkedIn has become a vital tool for the sales professional. But what about the buyers?

I received an interesting marketing e-mail from LinkedIn recently that contained the following stats:

  • 49% of buyers research sales professionals on LinkedIn
  • 50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with an incomplete sales profile
  • 92% of buyers will engage with sellers known as industry thought leaders

This highlights the importance of having your LinkedIn profile “sales ready” and below are my 5 top tips to help you achieve this

  1. Have a branded banner at the top of your profile, which can include contact details, website, etc.
  2. A clear, professional “head shot” photo – buyers want to know and identify with you, after all, people buy from people.
  3. Complete your “About” section – tell the reader how you can help resolve their needs, wants, issues and problems and write in a way that portrays your personality.
  4. In the “Experience” section, include information that talks more about your company/the business you work for. Buyers will be looking for this.
  5. The Recommendation section – reviews and testimonials will give a prospective buyer confidence about your product or service. Make sure you are asking customers for recommendations.

A well-constructed LinkedIn profile will establish credibility and generate leads. Spending time to get it right will pay dividends.

Julie Futcher
The Business Bulletin

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LinkedIn – are you missing out?

by Julie Futcher Time to read: 1 min