Why take my business to the cloud?

You’ve probably heard the expression “On cloud nine”, but what about “On cloud computing”. While it does not roll off the tongue quite as easily, cloud computing can most certainly take your company’s cloud software application to the next level and make you feel – on cloud nine.

Joking aside, cloud computing is slowly becoming the norm these days with several household names using remote servers and networks to store and access data from wherever. In fact, if you use tablets, smartphones, Gmail or drop box alike, you’ll already be connected to the cloud.

Cloud computing is the sharing of IT resources and services such as mobile apps, storage, data centres and servers are delivered to an organisation through the internet. Cloud services can be spread across multiple countries and time zones making it easier for global companies to communicate and work together efficiently. Sharing cloud services also eliminates the need to pay for hardware that slowly becomes outdated and needs replacing.

Furthermore, the increase in cloud computing will see your business have fewer human errors, lower labour costs, and greater productivity. In essence, local servers and personal devices are no longer needed as they are all shared on the cloud.

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Ashish Kumar

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Why take my business to the cloud?

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