What should you consider for your CRM system?

There are a number of features that various CRM systems can offer, here are some for consideration:

Document management – intelligent CRMs are capable of generating and maintaining your documents.

Effective Lead management – software helps capture lead details from multiple channels and ensures that you don’t lose any leads. You can also score and qualify leads correctly for your sales funnel.

Contact management – this involves recording customers’ details, as well as tracking and saving customer interactions.

Email – arguably the most used medium for B2B communication. Email management offers the ability to send mass emails, track conversations, and send automated emails to clients.

Marketing – CRM systems should be able to help you automate aspects of your marketing, helping reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Pipeline management – sales pipelines help visualise the sales cycle and identify where in the funnel a particular deal is, helping you manage potential deals from initial enquiry to close.

Workflow automation – every company is unique and has their own workflow and a CRM system should help automate these processes thus improving productivity and efficiency.

Forecasting – this helps estimate your future sales based on present and past data trends. It also assists in preparing data-driven hiring strategies, deciding on optimal inventory levels, and investing in new marketing channels.

Reporting and analytics – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Having a CRM system report across all pillars of your business is essential to help you make informed choices about the direction of your business.

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Ashish Kumar

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What should you consider for your CRM system?

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