Three easy sources of inspiration for your social media

Finding engaging content for your social media marketing is a constant challenge. Some mornings you’re raring to go! Yet, other mornings, you look at the screen and you have instant brain fog….recognise that scenario? Well, trust me, it also happens to even the most seasoned of social media experts! It often only takes a little push to get the content flowing…

Generic content does NOT need to be generic.

There are some ideas for social media posts that are always going to be relevant. These are evergreen topics, tips and suggestions that are always of interest. But there are many resources that will prompt your ideas for content! While these are all generic in nature, (national days, funny stories, polls and so on) the trick is to make them relevant to YOU.

Check your diary!

Where have you been recently? Were you asked any interesting questions that could spark an idea for a topic? What’s coming up for you?

What and who are around you?

The people around you are just part of the day, but to anyone outside your world they are new! People love to see behind the scenes, ‘where the magic happens’!

Check your inbox

The content you consume as a user is a part of your professional practice! Use your expertise to turn your inbox into snippets of useful information and advice for candidates and clients.

Don’t listen to the little voice…

You know the voice I mean? The naggy little one that tells you that nobody wants to read your posts…being you and being human is all part of a good social media presence. The key to success is not to be perfect, it is to be accessible and real. Human presence is so much more warmly welcomed in the real world, even on social media!!

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Christina Robinson
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Christina Robinson

Christina works with business owners and marketing directors to educate them on how best to maximise their online marketing activities to enhance their business, increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. She provides social media and online marketing management services, so you can outsource your activities. Alternatively, if you have the resource in-house, Christina can offer online coaching, 121 or group coaching to help you as a business owner or B2B professional discover how to generate more business using our tried and tested strategies.

Three easy sources of inspiration for your social media

by Christina Robinson Time to read: 1 min