The why and what?

I enjoy reading sales books. I read them for my own enjoyment and for research to help design training for my clients. One book I refer to is “The New Strategic Selling” by Miller, Heiman and Tuleja. This book is excellent for developing sales strategies for larger businesses with sales teams. However, there are elements of it that smaller business owners can learn from. The following statement is something that I have been reading recently and particularly resonated with me.

“You can succeed in sales today only if you know what you’re doing and why”

The premise behind the statement is about understanding what makes you successful. It’s about the awareness of your working methods and your willingness to refine those methods to improve your success. The chapter talks about “how they found consistently that the person with the best understanding of their own effective way doing things was the one who would prove the most productive”.

A very true statement, particularly when we’re looking at sales planning. Understanding what does and doesn’t work and refining your approach is imperative. Why waste your time and money on business development activities that don’t work? I recommend that you analyse them every 6 months. If it doesn’t work, change it. If it does work, keep doing it!  Being objective will ensure you achieve your goals. Why not do that for your business?

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The why and what?

by Julie Futcher Time to read: 1 min