Marketing success on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, we’ve seen the organic reach of our pages become strangulated, arguably to encourage more of us to start or increase our Meta Advertising budgets! There are still some core Facebook marketing strategies that still work today when deployed with consistency. If you’re using Facebook for business purposes and thinking “why are people not buying from me?” – here’s some advice!

Post every single day for maximum exposure

There are a bunch of tools you can use to make this easier – Meta even created its own in-platform scheduling tools to help you with this!

Don’t POST TOO MUCH! The maximum number of posts for the Green Umbrella page is 6, for many of our clients the limit is 4. Posting more than this is when we see a decrease in reach and engagement.

Mix your posting style (photos, videos, audios, long and short-form text, lives)

We all know that Facebook works best if you use visuals… however, it is still important to use text in your posts. Look at your “insights” and see what type of posts are bringing you the best results.

Don’t use any images you find on Google!

You have no idea of the source or copyright of the image and the last thing you want to do is risk a fine for using an image you do not have rights to. There are many places where you can source images, we’ve even included them in another of our blogs for you!

If you can implement these consistently and commit to doing so for a minimum of six months you will see actionable results.

See you on Facebook!

Christina Robinson
The Business Bulletin

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Christina Robinson

Christina works with business owners and marketing directors to educate them on how best to maximise their online marketing activities to enhance their business, increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. She provides social media and online marketing management services, so you can outsource your activities. Alternatively, if you have the resource in-house, Christina can offer online coaching, 121 or group coaching to help you as a business owner or B2B professional discover how to generate more business using our tried and tested strategies.

Marketing success on Facebook

by Christina Robinson Time to read: 1 min