Everybody sells!

Why is it that a lot of people believe that it’s only salespeople within an organisation that are responsible for selling?

I’ve recently been working closely with a client who has been investing a lot of time and money into the generation of new customers. I delivered training to their sales team on how to maximise their sales calls and face-to-face meetings which achieved the goal, i.e. new customers. When we looked at generating sales from existing customers, it became apparent that their customer retention wasn’t good. I was tasked to speak to some of them to find out why they had stopped spending.

Interestingly, getting a cheaper deal elsewhere was not the main reason. What was, however, was the way in which they had been spoken to and/or been dealt with by other departments. These included accounts, goods-in and admin support staff, all of which were not what you’d perceive to be “customer-facing.” As a result of their bad experience, they took their business elsewhere. During a training session to address this, the team were surprised to be there because “we’re not sales, it’s not our job!”

This example shows why it’s not just “salespeople” who have a direct impact on the revenue generated from customers. Every person within a business has an influence! Customers, quite rightly, demand excellent service and communication and failure to give this, will have a detrimental effect on whether they return. Ensuring everyone within an organisation attends training to understand this, and how they must play their part, is essential. Revenue generated from repeat customers is easier and less costly to create.

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Everybody sells!

by Julie Futcher Time to read: 1 min