Is AI in your life?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that is concerned with creating and maintaining smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

The purpose of intelligence in AI is to make a person’s life better, improve productivity, relieve people from mundane tasks, streamline and optimise business operations, and reach the remote and dangerous places while keeping humans safe.

Should I use Artificial Intelligence?

Most of us are already utilising the benefits of AI in our daily lives. Such examples include, but are not limited to, Siri and Alexa, spam filters, the Netflix recommendation system, etc.

What are the four types of Artificial Intelligence?

  • Reactive machines
  • Limited memory
  • Theory of mind
  • Self-awareness

So, how does this affect me?

The future of AI is something that is hotly debated among scientists and the public. Some people are optimistic about the benefits it can bring to society while others are concerned about the possible negative impacts. However, it is no doubt that whatever the case, AI will ultimately become a huge part of life for us all, whether we know it or not.

Does this mean I should be using a bespoke AI in my business?

One of the greatest questions when it comes to integrating the latest technology trends into our own businesses is “Should I be doing this?”. The answer, as always, lies in what you want from AI.

In conclusion…

AI is revolutionary and will only become a more prominent feature in our lives as time goes on. It’s worth looking into AI and seeing how you can make the most of the technology. So watch the space on this…

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Is AI in your life?

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