Reaching success and smashing goals

“Hey Christina – what does success look like on social media?’
There isn’t a straightforward answer, as it’s different for everyone. Ultimately – your success is what you make it! However, professionally, I’d take the following things into consideration before deciding what success means for your business.

Should you measure social media success by how many leads you get?

B2B… Yes. Absolutely. (A little tip for you, though, make sure you define what a lead looks like for social media. For most people telling me social media doesn’t bring sales to their B2B business, this is often the first thing we need to fix. Defining the lead and planning the follow-up!)

B2C… I’d suggest not! Products under £50 are more of an impulse purchase. You’ll look to see sales, and look to see your email database grow, but if you’re getting a bunch of messages from people asking questions but not buying and not signing up. That might be a lead, but it isn’t a sale!

Measuring on conversion is always a much better option than actually measuring leads when it comes to defining success.

But social media isn’t just about sales!

Your overall marketing plan should have clear objectives, I suggest breaking these down and knowing exactly why you’re active on each platform you choose. I always use our accounts as an example of this. The one objective I have is to create reassurance when people are doing their due diligence!
So, go back to your strategy. If you don’t have one, create one! Or check out our strategy planning service! Ultimately – social media success is driven by a solid strategy with clear goals and measurable outcomes. What it looks like is down to you!

Christina Robinson
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Christina Robinson

Christina works with business owners and marketing directors to educate them on how best to maximise their online marketing activities to enhance their business, increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. She provides social media and online marketing management services, so you can outsource your activities. Alternatively, if you have the resource in-house, Christina can offer online coaching, 121 or group coaching to help you as a business owner or B2B professional discover how to generate more business using our tried and tested strategies.

Reaching success and smashing goals

by Christina Robinson Time to read: 1 min