Are you familiar with the GROW model for coaching?

There are a number of different methodologies used by coaches, the most common one is the GROW model. This was initially introduced in Sir John Whitmore’s book: Coaching for Performance.

Goal: what is it specifically you want to achieve? This needs to be clearly defined so that progress can be monitored and so you know when the goal is reached.

Reality: what is the current situation. Where is the person in relation to the goal they want to achieve? What are the issues/challenges that need to be overcome or what are the opportunities that will present themselves in reaching this goal?

Options: what choices are available. All options need to be explored, maybe brainstormed, to allow a choice to be made as to the next step in achieving the goal.

Will: What will you do? What is the way forward to achieve the goal? What actions will you take to achieve the outcome you are looking for?

This model was embellished to T-GROW by Myles Downey in his book Effective Coaching.

Topic: this helps clarify the overall scope and scale of the situation relating to the goal that is being set. It can set a context for the goal and help in being clear on the outcomes.

Whilst this process may appear linear in nature, it is a reiterative process – you are continually looking at the goal and whether it’s still relevant or needs adapting given the progress made in trying to reach it. Circumstances may change and therefore some realignment may be needed.

Either way it is a simple model that is easy to follow to get you where you want to get to; be that in your personal or business life.

Paul Green
The Business Bulletin

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Are you familiar with the GROW model for coaching?

by Paul Green Time to read: 1 min