The pressure to “be an amazing entrepreneur”!

My column has been inspired by a post that Kevin Robinson of put on LinkedIn recently. The subject of which relates to “ra-ra” posts, the pressure to “be an amazing entrepreneur” and that “greed is good, money is all” ethos. Kevin observed that these types of posts seem to be waning and that the “Gen Zs are sending a clear message that they think to want a good life with enough and a touch more, is fine”. He concluded his post by saying “the pressure to be an amazing entrepreneur or you are a total failure can go take a long walk on a short pier”.

This sentiment is one that I wholeheartedly support! I work with a plethora of business owners who, feel they “should” be doing this and that, and end up feeling overwhelmed. They feel that they must be conquering the world to be successful.

This is c**p! Every business owner has their own goals and should never compare themselves to anyone else. We start up our businesses for our own personal reasons, and if you are achieving these goals, then well done you! If you want to grow to a multi-million-pound business then fantastic, you go for it. If you don’t and you want to run a business that gives you a work-life balance, that is great too. Don’t be goal shamed and certainly don’t feel that you are not successful if you’re not the CEO of Amazon.

Success is achieving your goals! Celebrate when you achieve them!

Julie Futcher
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The pressure to “be an amazing entrepreneur”!

by Julie Futcher Time to read: 1 min