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  • Email circa 3000 contacts
  • LinkedIn 6000+ connections
  • Facebook 2000+ connections
  • Twitter 3000+ followers
  • Website 250+ visitors per month, 1000 page views
  • Issuu 250+ reads, 1500 impressions

Plus other shares/like by authors and readers.

Rate card

For each edition, there will be the following advertising opportunities:

Discount for block booking 3 or more editions – 20% off above pricing

Theme – Publication date

  • Sales & Marketing – 29th April
  • Operations & Resources – 27th May
  • Strategy & Personal Development – 24th June
  • Finance –  22nd July

Adverts should be evergreen – no reference to specific dates or time limited offers as the content will have a greater longevity than just the initial publication.

Ad specifications

For magazine (please supply as PDF)

Full page (Canva template)

Bleed size = 216 x 303mm
Trim size = 210 x 297mm

Half page horizontal (Canva template)

Bleed size = 216 x 151mm
Trim size = 210 x 148mm


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