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Research has shown that 70-80% of change initiatives deliver significantly less value than expected or fail all together. This figure drops dramatically in organisations that have invested in an appropriate level of change management, empowered their stakeholders and used a proven programme and project management methodology.

Using high-quality business simulations, our training will get you and your organisation where you need to be. You won’t just learn the theory, you’ll learn how to put it into practice.

We offer training in some of the world’s most recognized project methodologies including:

  • 🌟 PRINCE2®
  • 🌟 PRINCE2® Agile
  • 🌟 ITIL
  • 🌟 AgilePM
  • 🌟 Association of Project Management (APM)

By learning and practising these globally recognised project management methods, you’ll be reaping the benefits sooner than you ever imagined. Our interactive workshops in the areas of project management, service management and DevOps show your teams how these frameworks can be used practically in a working scenario to manage, putting your people into the heart of the Framework where they learn by doing.

QRB consultants are experienced trainers and practitioners of the frameworks we promote, who have experienced the real world of managing change in business.

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